Press Release

23 April 2018
April has its own meaning for the big family of TPS. It is reasonable, because TPS was established on 29 April so that April is the month of TPS Anniversary. The month of April is also very special for Indonesian women because it is commemorated as a milestone of the spirit of equality reared by R. A. Kartini.
05 April 2018
Thursday (5/4), unlike this time, the atmosphere of TPS office seems to be crowded with foreign citizens who are visiting on PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or TPS. The visit of  22 students of  Surabaya Intercultural School (SIS)  was received directly by PT TPS Operations Director Rodrigo Sanchez.
16 March 2018
March 8 was a special day for all women in the world, a day when the whole world celebrates International Women's Day (IWD) or International Women's Day. Women's Day Commemoration is a good moment to look of  the women's contribution to the important  positions and  reward the women's positive contributions to their respective fields.
07 March 2018
Wednesday (7/3), PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or commonly called PT TPS gives an appreciation to 4 (four) people Container Crane (CC) operator who managed to print his achievement in producing work productivity with Net Move Per Hour (NMPH) - above 32 box / hour.
27 February 2018

Tuesday (27/2), was an unforgettable moment for  PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or TPS employees, due to the opportunity to become a voulenteer in TPS Peduli Kanker Anak Indonesia activity initiated by TPS Comunity Development in commemoration of  World Cancer Day which is commemorated every February 15th.