Container Loading Service

Procedure of container loading service :


  1. Container Loading Service


    1. Shipping Lines submits required documents for container loading as the following ;
      1. Master Cable
      2. Container Vessel Identification Advice (CVIA)
      3. Statement of Fact
      4. Export Summary List (ESL)
      5. Dangerous Cargo List
      6. Crane Sequence List
      7. Loading General Plan
      8. Loading Bay Plan
      9. Manifest


    2. Wharf Planning Personnel receives the documents from Shipping Lines and check the availability and prepares the documents required for Operational Daily Meeting.


    3. Operations Department together with Engineering Department conducts Operational Daily Meeting to plan the container handling service activities.


    4. Vessel Planner prepares the container loading plans based on Stowage Instruction received from Shipping Lines.


    5. Vessel Planner requests for approval from Chief Officer regarding Container Loading Plan. When Chief Officer has approved, Vessel Planner proceeds the Container Loading Plan into PDF file and stores it at Group Folder, in order to be easily accessed by other related parties.


    6. Wharf Supervisor prints out the Final Loading Plan and distributes the document to Wharf Tallyman.


    7. In case the container to be loaded is either Flatrack, Over Dimension, or Uncontainerized, Wharf Supervisor instructs Gear Store Personnel to prepare the necessary gears to lift up the container.


    8. Vessel Dispatcher submits the instruction to VMT on each equipment and HHT.


    9. RTG/RS Operator moves the container from the container yard onto the Head Truck as per the instruction displayed on VMT.


    10. Head Truck Driver transport the container to the wharf as per the instruction displayed on VMT.


    11. Stevedoring Labor puts on the twistlocks onto each container


    12. Wharf Tallyman informs CC Operator to move containers from Head Truck onto the vessel as per the Loading Plan.


    13. Once the container has been loaded at the designated location on the vessel as per the Loading Plan, Wharf Tallyman confirms that the loading has been completed via HHT.


    14. In case the container is reefer, Reefer Monitoring Personnel puts the plug onto the container and check the temperature setting up.


    15. Stevedoring Labos puts on the lashing on the container which has been loaded onto the vessel.


    16. Once all containers have been loaded onto the vessel, and the vessel is ready for departure, Stevedoring Labor unmoors the vessel.


    17. Wharf Supervisor confirms the vessel departure into the CTOS system.