06 September 2021

TPS Container throughput until August 2021 was recorded at 946.564 TEUs. 4,69% Increase from YoY comparison with 2020

04 September 2021

Having inaugurated in early June 2021, on Friday (3/9), TPS is proud to reactivate logistics rail 

03 September 2021

Thursday (2/9), personnel from Quarantine Department, Customs Department and personnel of TPS conducted a Single Submission (SSm) & Joint Inspection Evaluation which has been implemented since early July 2020.  There were also personnel from the Stranas PK (KPK) team, LNSW (Ministry of Finance) and @terminalteluklamong presented at the evaluation program.

This evaluation is carried out as the  continuous improvement from all parties regarding the implementation of SSm, to understand how close are aims and objectives of implementing SSm is achieved : providing convenience to customers, implementing more effective mechanisms for more efficient logistics costs at ports.

14 August 2021
Today (14/8), the Independent Agricultural Export event which was centered at @pttps_official and led directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Mr.Joko Widodo 
12 August 2021

TPS Container throughput until July 2021 was recorded at 823.922 TEUs. 5,65% Increase from YoY comparison with 2020