Socialization and Reporting

Whistle Blowing System is a system implemented to receive, process, undertake necessary responding actions as well as to report to the Management regarding the reports received from the Whistle-Blower regarding any violations occuring in the company.

The purpose of this system is to provide guidance to simplify and accelerate the complaint management handling process regarding the indicated violations as reported by  the Whistle-Blower

Violations that can be reported :
1. Crimes;
2. Hazards to health and safety;
3. Environmental damage;
4. Failure to adhere with the legal or professional or any other requirement or obligations;
5. Financial fraud or mishandling;
6. Violation to Company rules;
7. Violation to Company Code of Conduct;
8. Position authority misuse;
9. An act which cause losses or decreasing company revenues;
10. Violation to procurement process of goods and services;

Message from the Management of PT Terminal Petikemas can be downloaded here (Attachment – Management Commitment regarding WBS – English)

Reporting Media :

  1. Level of Directors :
    PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero)
    Whistle Blowing System Team
    Jalan Perak Timur No. 610, Surabaya 60165, Indonesia
    Mail : PO Box 1128
    Mobile/Whatsapp Number : +62 8233 666 9999
    E-mail :

  2. Level below Directors (Manager) :
    PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya
    Nomor Whatsapp : +62 811 3116 1234
    E-mail :

  3. Level below Managers (Assistant Manager, Superintendent, Staff) :
    PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya
    Nomor Whatsapp : +62 811 3116 1234
    Email :