Press Release

06 September 2017
National Customer Day is celebrated in various establishments in the city of Surabaya. Yon Irawan, President Director of PT Terminal Container Surabaya (TPS) and Nur Syamsiah Finance Director TPS go directly serves customers in parts of the document service to print Container & Equipment Interchange Receipt (C EI R) as one of the requirements for the issuing of container that has been declared complete by the relevant agencies.
01 September 2017
PT Container Terminal Surabaya (TPS) this year to sacrifice a total of 67 sacrificial animals consisting of 12 cows and 55 goats will be distributed to the surrounding community, labor unloading, janitor, and the mosque ta'mir .
25 August 2017
Society often decorate the gate to celebrate the anniversary of Indonesian independence day. Even the gate garnish made from start to villages up in the villages or big cities.   The gate is decorated as attractive as possible. Some use a series of bamboo or large eagle, there are also standard with a form of order frames. Obviously, ornate red and white as the color of pride when independence seemed in arches made in the creative hands of citizens.
08 August 2017

The book is the window of the world, the sentence is very familiar in our ears. The message reminds us of the importance of reading as a way to enrich the treasures of science and knowledge that can make people more intelligent.

14 July 2017
Tariff Adjustment for international and domestic container handling service and goods service at PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya.