Press Release

27 February 2018
Tuesday (27/2), was an unforgettable moment for  PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or TPS employees, due to the opportunity to become a voulenteer in TPS Peduli Kanker Anak Indonesia activity initiated by TPS Comunity Development in commemoration of  World Cancer Day which is commemorated every February 15th.
21 February 2018
Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or TPS is here to help the local people. This time the Pordapor villagers of  Pordapor village and Tambuko village, Sermenep - Madura who received assistance in the form of  bridge construction  between Pordapo village and Tambuko Semenep village, Madura.
06 February 2018

The pilot has an important role play in providing the information to the skipper about the state quarrying state of the place, so the navigation of the voyage can be carried out safely, orderly and smoothly so the safety of the voyage can be realized.

05 October 2017

Surabaya (5/10) - PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) distributed 200 food packages for the container truck driver who operates in TPS. The distribution in order to celebrate the national transportation day in 2017.

12 September 2017
PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) improves the quality of service to export import containers. After successfully operating three of the largest Container Crane (CC) units at Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya, and the deepening of the international wharf up to minus 13 LWS so as to provide services to direct shipping vessels or direct calls.