01 August 2018

Effective August 1st, 2018, Bapak Kartiko Adi, Engineering Director, will take up the new assignment as Director of PT. Berlian Manyar Sejahtera (PT. BMS). Meanwhile, Bapak Bayu Setyadi, incumbent Engineering Manager of PT. TPS, will take up the position of Engineering Director.

30 July 2018
Friday (27/7), the Directors of PT TPS include Joko Noerhudha (President Director), Kwok Leung Law (Vice President Director), Nur Syamsiah (Finance Director) and Kartiko Adi (Engineering Director) and 40 volunteers of TPS working together to build a bridge in the village of Pagersari.
24 June 2018
This time it is not alone, TPS comes with its parent company Pelindo III and other subsidiaries, so this social event was  concepted by  "Pelindo III Group Peduli". Beginning with motorbikes  touring from Surabaya to Probolinggo followed by approximately 100 employees of Pelindo III  led by the CEO of Pelindo III , Ari Askhara, the journey was approximately 4 hours.
08 June 2018
One of the  (TPS) effort in improving the service is by pilot clustering. Together with Pelindo III, TPS prepared as many as 16 pilots who are ready to serve 24 hours and specially standby in TPS, so the movement of ship to ship will be faster.
31 May 2018
"Ramadan is a month full of charity" through this moment of Ramadan various charity activities were held during  Ramadan by (TPS). Here  is a series of all the activities were organized by TPS during Ramadan: