Pelindo Mengajar

Surabaya (22/2) – There was a different view at State Vocational High School 2 Surabaya, because some of the students performed performances ranging from the Flag Raising Troops (Paskibra) to the remo dance performance and several students were seen gathering in the hall on Wednesday morning (22/02) , it turns out that PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) was present at State Vocational High School Negeri 2 Surabaya as a form of support for the Pelindo Teaching program.


Followed by 150 class XII students from various departments, they seemed enthusiastic about participating in the Pelindo Teaching activity, which was simultaneously carried out in 125 high schools (SMA) from all over Indonesia starting from 20 - 24 February 2023, with a target of 30 thousand class XII students. . TPS chose State Vocational High School Negeri 2 Surabaya as the Pelindo Teaching program because of its location in the Port operational area and TPS chose today because it also coincided with World Thinking Day.


The program initiated by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) or Pelindo was handed down to 4 regional Pelindos and 4 Pelindo subholdings, where TPS, which is a subsidiary of the Pelindo Terminal Container Subholding (SPTP), also participated in supporting this activity.


The Act director of TPS, Bambang Hasbullah, provided briefing regarding the port and logistics industry, the role of the Ministry of BUMN and the role of Pelindo in the logistics chain for the Indonesian economy. He also motivated Gen Z to continue to be passionate about learning, so that they would become the next generation of superior nations.


Bambang Hasbullah said that it is indeed not easy to become a teacher related to the world of port, where there are many terms that may be unfamiliar or not easy to understand for students who have never known anything about the port industry, but this is a challenge for him to take part in creating a new generation. superior Indonesian.


"In creating a superior and competitive Indonesian generation, it is not only the task of the world of education, but also the role of the industrial world, for that we are currently present at State Vocational High School 2 Surabaya," said Bambang Hasbullah.



Headmaster of State Vocational High School 2 Surabaya, Bambang Poerwodiantoro, expressed his joy when the school he led was selected for the Pelindo Teaching program, and became TPS' teaching destination. "We hope that with the Pelindo Teaching program, we can educate our students, especially about the maritime world which is foreign to us, as well as provide motivation to contribute to the country," said Bambang Poerwowidiantoro.

In addition to carrying out teaching activities, TPS also handed over Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment assistance, namely in the form of 2 units of Personal Computer (PC) and 1 unit of laptop, as well as assistance to 2 outstanding students which are expected to be able to support teaching and learning activities at State Vocational High School 2 Surabaya and can improve student achievement. This is at the same time part of the corporate social responsibility program to educate the nation's children and support digitization in the education sector.

The students looked enthusiastic about participating in the activity, they asked many questions, ranging from whether TPS opened internship opportunities for Vocational High School students, what jobs at TPS were in accordance with their majors, to the innocent question how much was the salary of a BUMN employee, and still lots of other fun questions.

"We really like the arrival of Mr/Mrs from Pelindo, apart from getting new knowledge about the world of ports, we also got lots of prizes today, we can even take photos with Mr. Erick Thohir, thank you Pelindo, thank you TPS," said Yudha , one of the students at State Vocational High School 2 Surabaya who had the opportunity to take part in the Pelindo Teaching program.