Manajemen TPS dan MSC menyambut Maiden Call MV MSC Cape III

Surabaya (18/11) – Towards the end of 2022, Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) as a subsidiary of Pelindo Container Terminal Subholding (SPTP), has again won the trust to serve a new service: Dolphin Service. Dolphin Service is operated by MSC, serving direct routes from Surabaya to Thailand, Vietnam, China and vice versa.

MV. MSC Cape III which is operated for the Dolphin Service with a length of 221 meters, anchored at the TPS pier for the first time on Thursday (17/11) evening. On this occasion, TPS Management welcomed the presence of this new prime service together with representatives from MSC, and were met directly by Capt. Evgeny Zemstov as the Captain of the MV. MSC Cape III.

"I am very happy to be able to serve a direct call to Surabaya, the berthing process at TPS went smoothly, there was excellent coordination between the ship and the pier, and the reception was extraordinary, thank you," said Capt. Evgeny Zemstov

apt. Evgeny Zemstov. Main Director of TPS, Abdul Rofid Fanany said that with this new service, apart from contributing to improving the economy in East Java, it will also encourage new trust entrusted to TPS, new hope, and strengthen the growth of the logistics industry. The existence of a new service that is present at TPS enriches alternatives for customers in sending goods directly from Surabaya to their destination, without having to do transit. Direct calls are expected to contribute to reducing logistics costs.

"This is the 4th new mandate received by TPS this year. In semester I of 2022, TPS is entrusted with serving 3 (three) new services: (1) KPG - service - direct call to the Middle East, operated by Kaiso Line, (2) RSU1 - service operated by RCL; and (3) SSE - service, operated by PIL”, said the man who is usually called Ifan.

MSC Surabaya Branch Manager, Achmad Samiun, who had the opportunity to welcome MV. MSC Cape III at TPS also expressed his hope that with more and more ships being brought in through TPS, of course TPS will continue to improve its services, so that it is in line with our goal to accommodate export interests with intra-Asia destinations, the majority of which are China. "Together, we can contribute to driving the economy in East Java, especially Surabaya," said Achmad Samiun.

As a form of quality and service improvement and acceleration of container loading and unloading services to customers, Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) has updated and added several tools to support the smooth loading and unloading process, including 76 head truck units, 79 chassis units, 2 lowbed chassis units, 13 dolly units (double chassis) and 6 units of Reach Steacker (RS).

"The addition of these tools is an effort to speed up loading and unloading performance, both at the wharf and at the Container Yard (CY). As of October 2022, loading and unloading performance at TPS was recorded at 53.27 boxes/ship/hour, far above the loading and unloading performance of 48 boxes/ship/hour set by the Ministry of Transportation through the Tanjung Perak Port Authority Office in Surabaya” added Ifan.

TPS recorded a positive trend of increasing ship traffic which reached 3% where as of October 2022 there were 863 ship visits, compared to the same period in 2021 ship visits through TPS were recorded at 841 ships.

The record for container flows is indeed not encouraging, until October 2022, the flow of containers through TPS was recorded at 1,132,204 TEUs, with details of the contribution of international container flows of 1,069,455 TEUs and the contribution of domestic container flows of 62,749 TEUs. This is in line with the external conditions that affected: the lockdown policy that is still in effect in China, Golden Week on 1-7 October 2022 had an impact on decreased production both before and after the Golden Week period, the Russia-Ukraine war and global economic conditions.

"At this time we use it to carry out maintenance, repairs and ease of service at TPS, both in terms of people, tools, facilities, use of technology (digitalization) and innovation, so that TPS remains ready to provide the best service whenever needed," said Ifan.