40 HT


Surabaya (02/22) – As a form of improving quality and service as well as accelerating loading and unloading of containers to customers, the Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) has updated and added several equipments to support the smooth loading and unloading process, including 76 head trucks, 79 chassis units, 2 lowbed chassis unit and 3 dolly units (double chassis).

The 76 head trucks have more sophisticated features compared to the previous series, and will come in stages, where currently as many as 40 units are ready to be operated by TPS and 36 other units will come this year, bringing the total owned by TPS with this addition to 153 head trucks.

Some of the new features on the Volvo FM-FMX and FH16 head trucks include a digital instrument cluster, tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustments, improved A-pillars, more upright cabin windows, lower window profiles that increase visibility under the driver and reduce blank spot while driving. Not only that, the new head truck also has the potential to save fuel and be environmentally friendly.

TPS Technical Director, Robby Dayoh said that the addition of these tools would certainly speed up mobility in the loading and unloading process, both at the dock and at the Container yard (CY).

TPS continues to make various innovations and strategic investments to improve operational performance. In addition to increasing the number of head trucks, TPS also added 51 chassis units and 2 lowbatts. TPS also recorded a positive trend of increasing container flows, in 2021 the flow of containers through TPS was recorded at 1,415,644 TEUs, an increase of 2.6% compared to the same period in 2020 which was 1,379,630 TEUs. Meanwhile, in 2021, international containers will contribute 1,330,047 TEUs and 85,597 TEUs for domestic containers.

"We will continue to strive to provide the best service by improving facilities and services to our customers," said Robby Dayoh.