Hari Guru 2020

Commemorating National Teacher’s Day



Surabaya (25/11) - Commemorating National Teacher's Day 2020 which is celebrated annually on November 25, Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS), which is a subsidiary of Pelindo III, collaborates with New Idea Indonesia to organize teaching video making training. This training is held to support the world of education with the hope that teachers can be more creative in carrying out the online learning process at this time.

Conducted in a period of one month, from early October to mid November 2020, this training was attended by 520 teachers, ranging from early childhood, kindergarten, to elementary school levels in the city of Surabaya. After the teaching video making training was held, participants were challenged to create video content for teaching teachers, which was organized by TPS. This challenge is carried out to be able to hone the creativity of teachers in carrying out the teaching and learning process online.

A total of 38 videos submitted to take part in this challenge and the 5 best videos were selected. TPS invited representatives from the Surabaya City Education Office and the chairman of Himpaudi city of Surabaya to participate in judging "Video Challenge for Teaching Teachers Commemorating Teachers' Day".

Before the judging session takes place, participants are required to upload the results of the learning teacher's video on their private YouTube account with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. To make it easier for the judges to carry out their assessments, the TPS also provided provisions to provide keywords in the caption on YouTube, namely #gurumengajar and #TerminalPetikemasSurabaya. In addition, participants are also required to follow TPS accounts on social media, namely Instagram and YouTube.

"Alhamdulillah, this activity is very useful for us. Because this adds to the motivation of teachers in conveying knowledge online, "said Lilik Tarwijah, one of Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal 04 kindergarten teachers.

The main director of TPS, Dothy said that this program was TPS 'effort to support teachers in producing great future generations. "Hopefully this program will provide benefits and can increase teacher professionalism and teachers' enthusiasm," said Dothy.

Happy National Teacher's Day 2020. "Please remain our bright light, towards a bright future".


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