Surabaya (04/04) In the midst of the developing COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia, PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) is committed to continue providing services to service users by implementing a strict protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Saturday (04/04), TPS welcomed the arrival of the MV SITC Surabaya which is a New CMI Service maiden voyage and operated by SITC. The Hong Kong-flagged ship docked at the TPS on Saturday (4/4) at 8:00 pm in kade 179 - 392 (International berth 2), is a Panamax ship with a Length Over All (LOA) 222 meters. Ships serving the Philippines - China - Indonesia and other routes require a depth of -9.5 Meters of LWS that can be served well at TPS because TPS international dock has a depth of -13 meters of LWS. This New CMI Service ship will dock regularly on a weekly basis. Scouts and snoozes are on standby at polling stations, and are very instrumental in the efficiency of leaning and departing ships.

With the support of adequate facilities through deepening of the international pier pool which was carried out from -10.5 mLWS to be the same as the depth of the Surabaya surabaya western shipping channel (APBS): - 13 mLWS, making TPS capable of serving international ships the size of Panamax. In addition, operations at the TPS dock have been supported by the operation of three Container Crane (CC) units with twin lift specifications (capable of lifting 2 containers at a time) with a range of 16 lines (which is the CC with the best specifications at Tanjung Perak Port and surrounding areas). Furthermore, the replacement of diesel engines in all CCs that serve loading and unloading activities at the TPS to be electric powered can increase the loading performance to 27.7 containers / cranes / hour compared to the previous average of 25 containers / cranes / hour,

TPS president director, Dothy said that the new service is a new hope for the logistics world amid a slowdown in the national and world economy. The increase in ships anchored at TPS will accelerate logistical flow in the hope of moving the economic wheel in good acceleration towards recovery and further, preparing for better economic acceleration than before. ''


About PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya:

PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya, or abbreviated as TPS, is a subsidiary of the Pelindo III Group, which is engaged in port services in the export-import and domestic container terminals. TPS was established in 1992 as a Container Terminal Unit (UTPK) and was privatized on April 29, 1999 by P&O Dover with a 49% ownership stake. In 2004 TPS has reached a throughput of> 1 million Teus and continues to grow to this day. On March 1, 2006 the P&O Port Holding Company was acquired by DP World, so that all assets and investments owned by P&O Dover transferred ownership to DP World, including a 49% stake in TPS so that the composition of TPS shares was 51% owned by PT Pelindo III and 49% owned by DP World. Since 28 April 2019, Pelindo III bought all of the shares of DP Worl at TPS, so that since then, TPS shares are owned by and TPS operates under the leadership of Pelindo III.

TPS runs its core business as a container terminal operator, as an economic gateway for export-import activities in Eastern Indonesia and is the first terminal in Indonesia to implement ship safety standards and port facilities which came into force in July 2004.