Srikandi TPS




April has its own meaning for the big family of TPS. It is reasonable, because TPS was established on 29 April so that April is the month of TPS Anniversary. The month of April is also very special for Indonesian women because it is commemorated as a milestone of the spirit of equality reared by R. A. Kartini.

Armed with the privilege and passion above, there is a desire to do things outside the comfort zone of women is to make an expedition to The Mount Semeru, which supposedly is the highest mountain in  Java Island.

The preparation and execution plan of the expedition was completed, registration was opened for all female employees at the TPS. Colleagues who register must attend the training sessions that have been prepared. Physical exercise includes walking with distance and a certain time is done every morning. The climbing test is done twice, first in Penanggungan, continued in Buduqasu. Both are done at night. The challenge is different but it is a mix of challenges that are quite strong, it was done in the night until early morning - where generally we are taking rest comfortably. Cold air combined with a breeze, long ramps and steep slopes.

Finally the day arrived, 5 Srikandi of TPS from different generations start his expedition. The five Srikandi are Erika A. Palupi, Retno Utami, Sartiningsih, Diah Trihastuti and Rohil Indah Hilwa. Armed with the preparations that have been made, Srikandi TPS departed excitedly.

"Thank you for the support of Top Management and TPS colleagues so that our spirit is more complete," said Erika A. Palupi, Legal and Commercial Manager of PT TPS which is one of the climbers.

The first destination is Ranu Pani. Located in Lumajang area, this area is surrounded by hills and mountains, with the cool air. Arriving at Ranu Pani at night, Srikandi TPS rested at the inn, preparing to do the expedition in the next morning, April 20, 2018.

In April 2018, the new climbing season was opened. The interest of climbers is quite high. It looks from the number of climbers who attended the briefing session before embarking on a journey to Mount Semeru. Much of the information about the area, the safety of climbing rules, the appeal of environmental preservation, was shared by a team of volunteers to the guests who came to climb. It is important to attend a briefing session like this.

Start the activity with prayer. That's what Srikandi TPS always does before start the trip. From Ranu Pani, the next destination is Ranu Kombolo. According to news and postings in the media, Ranu Kombolo is famous for its magnificent scenery - a source of clean water at altitude, surrounded by green hills and majestic mountains. Post by post traveled, it took a long time and effort to enjoy the scenery that we can only see through social media. Nothing else but gratitude considering the journey that has been passed - the fatigue pays off already. After cleaning up at the public facilities available and eating, Srikandi TPS had a rest period of approximately 2 hours before continuing the journey to the top of Mahameru: Kalimati.

The air at altitude gives its own coolness. Remember to continue the trekking schedule to Kalimati, we wake up at 8 pm in the night and depart from Ranu Kumbolo to Kalimati just after 9pm . The cold still produces sweat because Srikandi immediately greeted by the rise of love - the path with a slope of more than 45 degrees. Walk, rest a while waiting for the team members to be together again in line, and so on. Until the middle of the journey, sleepiness and fatigue came. Nearly we set up tents and spent the night in Jambangan, if there was not one team that convinced us to continue the journey and rest in the destination.

It was almost morning when we got to Kalimati. Srikandi slept in deep sleep after a long journey on  that day. Srikandi decided not to continue the journey to the top Mahameru. We would like to enjoy the magnificent of Mahameru from Kalimati.

This trip was originally conceived as a gift of the 19th anniversary of the beloved TPS. But it turns out more than that, this trip becomes a special gift for the Srikandi - we learn how to keep the rhythm of the pace so as to remain, the experience can enjoy beautiful scenery in a place that is not easy to reach and how to strengthen the heart to achieve goals, whatever is in the way.

The trip back to Ranu Kombolo and Ranu Pani became a journey full of excitement and jokes. After this 3 days trip, we also came home with a bag of beautiful experiences full of strength.