Surabaya (13/4) – Wednesday (12/4), Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) women workers who are members of the TPS Kartini community distributed groceries and iftar packages for dozens of online motorcycle taxi (Ojol) drivers, street vendors, officers cleanliness, and female gas station attendants in the Surabaya area. Kartini TPS gave dozens of basic food packages containing oil, sugar and other basic needs as a sign of love for the tough women who have struggled to help their families' economy during this difficult time, a time when all must rise from the impact of the pandemic.

In addition to improving the welfare of the community during the month of Ramadan, this social activity is carried out to interpret Kartini Day as a moment to share and provide support to women, as well as to inflame the spirit of Kartini in the souls of women.

Kartini herself is one of Indonesia's national heroes who is very inspiring for women in Indonesia. The spirit of struggle for the pioneer figure of indigenous women's emancipation at that time was always preserved by Indonesian women.

It is evident that at this time there are many Indonesian women who play a role in advancing the nation through fields of work that are usually held by men, such as female Online Ojek Drivers.

Representatives from Kartini TPS visited the Gojek office located on Jl. Ngagel Surabaya, which has been filled with dozens of female ojols. They were very enthusiastic about participating in these social activities, with big smiles and happy expressions on their faces.

Kasmi, one of the ojol drivers who took part in the activity, at the moment of Kartini's Day expressed her support for fellow women to keep up the enthusiasm, even though they have to work to help the family economy, they must remain wise in dividing their time in their roles as workers, as mothers and as wives.

"Maybe some people think that we (female ojol drivers) are not suitable to work in this field, but don't be discouraged, keep working sincerely and sincerely, the results will definitely be good, let's prove that women can do it too!" Kasmi said enthusiastically.

It didn't stop at the gojek office, Kartini TPS also conducted searches on several streets in Surabaya, looking for women, whether they were street vendors, cleaners, gas station attendants or even the homeless, and other women workers who were sweating on the streets.

Erika A. Palupi, TPS Corporate Secretary who had the opportunity to take part in the social activity said that this activity was an attempt by TPS through its Kartini to provide support to women who are also heroes for their families, where they work to help revive the family economy, as workers, we women must also continue to carry out our responsibilities as a wife and a mother.

“This is our collective challenge as women, in various roles, women are required to multitask. Today we are here in the midst of these great women, to give each other encouragement, to provide a little support through the distribution of groceries which is also right at the moment of Ramadan, hopefully it can lighten the burden of our brothers and sisters a little, "said Erika.

This activity is a form of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, it is hoped that through this activity TPS can be present in the midst of the community and can lighten their burden a little.

 "Thank you TPS, hopefully this kindness will be rewarded with blessings from Allah SWT," said the clover seller in the Bungkul Park area of Surabaya when she received groceries from a Kartini TPS volunteer.