new service

Surabaya (27/1) – Starting 2023, Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) as a subsidiary of Pelindo Container Terminal Subholding (SPTP), has again get the trust to serve 3 new services in January 2023.

The first new service is the China - Malaysia - Indonesia (CMI) 2 service operated by SITC with the route Jakarta - Semarang - Surabaya - Laem Chabang - Hochiminh - Batangas - Manila North - Nansha - Shekou.

TPS Corporate Secretary, Erika A. Palupi said that this CMI2 service is actually not really a new service, they have been present at TPS in March 2021 until the second quarter of 2022, which then resumed its service in Indonesia, especially TPS on January 13, 2023 Yesterday.

Not only CMI2 service, last Sunday (22/1), TPS also welcomed MV's maiden call. Ever Chaste. The ship carries a new service, namely the Vietnam - Malaysia - Indonesia (VMI) service operated by Evergreen with the Haipong - Ho Chi Minh City - Port Klang Westport - Tanjung Pejuang - Jakarta - Semarang - Surabaya - Singapore - Tanjung Pejuang - Haipong route.

Representative of Evergreen Surabaya, Derek Cheng, who at that time together with TPS Management welcomed the arrival of his ship at TPS, expressed his pleasure to be working with TPS again with its new service. "Thank you TPS for supporting us, and I hope TPS can always provide the best service, so that in the future this collaboration can be continued with other new services," he said.

Erika also said that in January 2023 there have been two services that have entered TPS, while the third new service will be available at the end of January 2023.

"For the next new service, we will convey the details later. At present we will continue to work on improving our services, both for existing services and subsequent new services, so we are optimistic that the 2023 target of 1,390,853 TEUs will be achieved, "added Erika.

As for 2022, the flow of containers through TPS has indeed decreased by 3.5% compared to the previous year, where during the 2023 period there were 1,366,196 TEUs, which included international containers reaching 1,293,502 TEUs and domestic containers of 72,694 TEUs. Several factors are indicated to have influenced this decline, namely the lockdown policy which is still in effect several times in China in the 2022 period, and the ongoing tensions between Russia - Ukraine and the global economic crisis.

But for the market share of containers in the Tanjung Perak environment, TPS still dominates, namely 35% for both international and domestic, while specifically for international containers it dominates almost 80% in the Tanjung Perak Port environment.

During the 2022 period, TPS recorded an increase in loading and unloading performance, namely at 52.97 boxes/ship/hour, far above the loading and unloading performance of 48 boxes/ship/hour set by the Ministry of Transportation through the Tanjung Perak Main Port Authority Office in Surabaya .

"Throughout 2022, we have obtained 4 new services, and these services contributed 107,363 TEUs or 8% of the TPS 2022 container flow record," added Erika.