Port of TPS

Surabaya (20/10) – After one year of Pelindo Merger, which will be on October 1st, 2022, Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) as a subsidiary of the Subholding Pelindo Terminal Petikemas (SPTP) has recorded several performance and innovation achievements.

In terms of operational service achievements throughout this year, TPS received a new mandate with 3 (three) new services based at TPS, namely KPG - a new monthly service direct to the Middle East operated by Kaiso Line, with Maiden Voyage : MV. Atlantic Pioneer on March 17, 2022; while RSU1 - Weekly service operated by RCL starting March 22, 2022 by MV. Mitra Bhum, while Maiden Voyage : MV. City of Instinct On April 25, 2022, marking the SSE - Weekly Service operated by PIL.

TPS President Director, Abdul Rofid Fanany said that with this new service, in addition to contributing to improving the economy in East Java, it also gave encouragement to the new trust entrusted to TPS, new hope, and strengthening the growth of the logistics industry.

Along with the new service, TPS has updated as well as added several tools to support the smooth loading and unloading process, including 76 head truck units, 79 chassis units, 2 lowbed chassis units and 3 dolly units (double chassis), as well as 3 Reach Stacker (RS) units. ).

"The addition of these tools will certainly speed up mobility in the loading and unloading process, both at the dock and at the Container Yard (CY)," added Abdul Rofid Fanany, who is familiarly called Ifan.

This year, TPS also strengthened its support for the Green Economy Movement, including the use of environmentally friendly Green workshops, the use of solar panels, the operation of bio-diesel trucks and innovation through the implementation of a dual cycle system.

The dual cycle system is a combination system in loading and unloading containers in one hold from and to the ship, which is simultaneously transporting them to the stacking yard with the same series of trucks.

Ifan said that with the implementation of this dual cycle system, TPS can save 5% of fuel consumption or save 1,300 liters of fuel use per month, with the efficiency of using head trucks reaching 28%.

"Of course this can save truck fuel, and the loading and unloading process will be faster, not only that but also reduce air emissions, so we contribute to preserving the environment in running our business," said Ifan.

Awards received by TPS for one year Pelindo united, as a form of commitment and consistency in the application of Safety and Health in the Work Environment, including:

1. The COVID-19 Prevention and Control Program in the workplace with the “Platinum” category on May 13, 2022

2. National Zero Accident Award on May 13, 2022

3. Certificate of Appreciation for the implementation of the 2022 Full-Scale Port Facility Exercise on 21 April 2022

4. Zero Accident Award for East Java Province (February 2022).


The implementation of various standardizations of services and activities at TPS is one of the descriptions of Pelindo's vision to become the Leader of an Integrated and World-Class Maritime Ecosystem, which is evident, among other things, by the selection of TPS as the preferred terminal for international cargo services and controlling the international market share at Tanjung Perak Port by 79% .

TPS will continue to be committed to aligning itself with progress and change, and to contribute and innovate for ease of service so as to be able to bring Pelindo to be able to realize its vision and mission.

“The best from TPS will certainly be one of the best contributions for Pelindo to realize its service to the country. One Pelindo for Advanced Indonesia”, concluded Ifan.