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Surabaya (25/7) – Public awareness about waste management is increasing, this is proven by the formation of waste banks in many settlements in Surabaya. One of them is the "WANI" waste bank which is a waste bank in the RW 4 area of North Perak sub-district, Pabean Cantian sub-district, Surabaya city.

Armed with a desire to know more about waste bank management, Sunday (24/7), Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) invited the management of the waste bank "Wani" to conduct a comparative study to the waste education village in Perum Sekargading Sidoarjo which is often referred to by environmentalists. .

Denik, Chairperson of the “Wani” Waste Bank Management, revealed that with the increasing volume of waste in the RW 4 area of Perak Utara Urban Village, they don't want to let waste pile up, they want to manage it. For this first stage, they started by establishing a waste bank in their village. Unfortunately, they are still around sorting and selling waste.

"Our lack of literacy on how to use and manage this waste motivates us to want to find out, want to learn what to do with this waste," said Denik.

TPS's concern for the environment makes TPS enthusiastic to invite residents of RW 4 North Perak in terms of waste education. For this reason, TPS chose the waste education village of Perum Sekargading Sidoarjo which is indeed a magnet for environmentalists.

In this comparative study, the waste bank “Wani” received education on how to handle waste to become useful goods, which includes organic fertilizers, handicrafts, and other products, as well as establishing a waste bank.

The Corporate Secretary of TPS, Erika A. Palupi expressed her pride in seeing the enthusiasm of the residents in managing waste, turning things that some people consider useless into works that are useful, and in certain cases, have aesthetic value.

"We have learned many things from visiting this waste education village, not only for the residents of North Perak, but this education can also provide some inspiration for waste management for us to apply at the TPS," added Erika.

It is hoped that after this, the people of North Perak can apply the science of waste management consistently so that they can provide positive benefits, not only in the surrounding environment but also help improve the people's economy through business opportunities in this field.