Khitan Massal

Surabaya (13/7) – Thursday (13/7), In order to celebrate National Children's Day (HAN) 2022, Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) in collaboration with PHC Surabaya Hospital held a mass circumcision entitled "I'm a Great Child, I'm a Hero!" with Transformer-themed decorations.

Attended by approximately 100 children, the majority of whom are children from partners who work at the TPS, the event was cheerful, although tense faces also radiated from their tiny faces. The tension was diverted by several exciting activities that had been prepared by the TPS specifically for the children.

"Because this is their moment, of course so that they don't get tensed, on this occasion we entertain them first, and not only that we invite the children around the port to get to know the port where the majority of them, their parents also work at the port," said Abdul Rofid Fanany as the President Director of TPS who had the opportunity to open the event and greet the children.

Not only that, Abdul Rofid Fanany, who is fondly called Ifan, also invites children to feel the excitement of riding his big car (moge), he immediately drives his motorbike, and of course adds to the experience of children feeling the excitement of riding a motorbike.

Not only traveling by motorbike, children also have the opportunity to take part in a Port tour using a TPS bus, where children can directly see container loading and unloading activities at the terminal and see container ships directly.

"Wow.. the ship so big, right, dad's place of work is cool!", said amazed Ibrahim, one of the children from Port Security TPS.

After they were satisfied touring the harbor, while waiting for their turn to be circumcised, the children were entertained by taking photos with Bumble Bee characters, magic entertainment and even watching Transformers together.

The tension in the circumcision area turned out to be not as tense as expected, because it uses the latest method, namely the Smartklamp circumcision technique, where local anesthesia is carried out without a needle, so that after being circumcised the children can be active as usual, the healing process is shorter, only 4- 5 days only. In addition to getting free circumcision, TPS also provides free control services at PHC Surabaya Hospital and souvenirs of school supplies for children.

"Thank you TPS, this activity is very easy for us, the children can do the circumcision with a safe and happy method, the parents are happy," said Dodi Trisno, one of the parents who is also a loading and unloading worker (TKBM) TPS.

This free mass circumcision activity is a form of TPS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the health sector, where TPS is almost routinely held every year, but slightly different from the previous year, this year TPS is more involved with its partners to further increase engagement. It is also a form of TPS's concern for its partners.