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Mother's Day : Strong Moms of PT TPS are ready to face the Millennials Era

SurabayaSurabaya - Mother's Day in Indonesia is commemorated every December 22, on this Mother's Day, PT. TPS commemorates it with great humor and emotion. Friday (21/12), all TPS female employees gathered at the Java Room Meeting to attend the Mother's Day commemoration, where the event was filled with a talk show on "Parenting in the Millennial Era" with guest speaker Roosmini Pratiwi who is a child psychologist and family.

Answering the challenge in the Millennials era, how mothers face children at the age of millennials, even how young mothers at the age of millennials carry out their roles as working women as well as Millenials mothers.

On this occasion, Roosmi Pratiwi, who was familiarly called Wiwik, said that the role of parents in assisting their children is needed especially in this digital era. We cannot keep children away from gadgets because it is undeniable that in today's social life children cannot be kept away from gadgets, because school assignments sometimes force them to browse or use gadgets.

"What should be considered is the age limit for giving gadgets to children is at a minimum after a child is 5 years old," said Wiwik.

No less exciting when all TPS mothers are challenged to fashion shows like professional models that walk on the catwalk. With enthusiasm and confidence they expressed themselves on stage, not a few who were a little shy but still wanted to perform.

Fun and creative, that's what emanates in the appearance of mothers, as displayed by one of the TPS employees, Marian, where when her name is called to perform, she displays a little parody by dressing up as a grandmother who uses a stick but after that she takes off the grandmother's attributes her grandmother and turned into a charming beautiful woman walking confidently on the catwalk. As a result, she managed to steal the attention of the jury, so she was selected as the Best of the Best Performance and Dresscode.

Games and door prizes complemented the day's events, where TPS mothers were challenged to show their most updated photos with their mothers and the most romantic last chat with mom, some of them advanced, and this is where the feeling of emotion begins, when mothers- the mother was asked to tell about the photo at what moment, the tear drops began to flow, remembered the figure of a mother, where sometimes the child felt not perfect to make his mother happy.

As stated by Diah, when she showed her photo together with her mother, when the moment took a walk in City Hall, where the mother asked her to spend time on items one day a week to spend with her mother, even though all the mothers began to contemplate and shed tears remembering the figure of the mother.

As stated by one of the other polling female employees, Ratu, "A child will succeed when there is prayer and effort from the parents who are always with them". The expression is very representative of all children in this world to be able to worship their parents.

Similar to what was conveyed by Nur Syamsiah, TPS Finance Director, the message was to all TPS working mothers, that we work for children, when returning home from work do not ever show tired expression in front of children, when they come home from work, touch up your make up, show the child that we are happy with work and reunite with them.



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