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TPS Care : Revive The Spirit Of The People Of Palu


Surabaya#CharityforPalu #PaluBangkit #DonggalaBangkit, until now the hastag is still popular on social media. Community support continues to roll so that Palu and Donggala can rise. The same thing aroused PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) to attend and also provide to support for coastal communities in the Loli Tasiburi - Donggala village area.

The majority of the livelihoods of these communities work as fishermen, when the disaster occured on September 28 2018 the entire boat that they used daily to make a living was eliminated.

Thursday (11/22), TPS Finance Director Nur Syamsiah along with several TPS volunteers visited the victims of the disaster, as well as directly providing assistance for 30 units boat to the fishermen in the Loli Tasiburi village area.

"Hopefully this assistance can revive the spirit of the people of Palu - Donggala, where fishermen can return to their normal activities," said Nur Syamsiah.

Previously TPS also participated in providing assistance and medical personnel through the Airlangga Ksatria Floating Hospital, where the floating hospital had previously been in Donggala to provide medical assistance and medical personnel to the victims of the disaster.

The total almost 1.5 Billions have been channeled to support and encourage the citizens of Palu - Donggala.

"We are here, besides providing material assistance, we also want to provide encouragement to the Palu-Donggala community to rise again," said Nur Syamsiah.


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