Surabaya - Until September 2018, the total flow of container through TPS was recorded 1.076.810 Teus up 5,41% from realization in 2017 at the same period. This achievements was obtained from International Container flows reaching 996.153 Teus up 4% than last year at the same period and in domestic container as much 80.657 Teus up 27% from the last year at the same period.

Seen from the trend in the last 3 years, TPS optimistic in the end of 2018, The International container flow will be increasing 2.5% and domestic container will be increasing 42% compared to 2017.

Kahumas TPS, M. Soleh said that the composition rate for The International flow is 52% import and 48% export. While for the throughput composition in total amount 92% for international and 8% for domestic.

"Seen from the trend in the last 3 years, the total container flows until end of 2018 predicted soar beyond the target 2018 as big as 4.8%", Said M. Soleh.

The various efforts to improve the services and facilities have been carried out by TPS, start from the system whis has been online in between Fastpay and Qlique 247, Pandu Clastering, electrification of loading and unloading equipment and currently TPS is in the process of relocating 1 CC unit which will strengthen services at the domestic dock.

After successful of implementing the Online Booking impor since July 2018, Now TPS is ready to launch Online Booking Export which is currently still on trial since July 2018.

"Later Online Booking Export will be started in 1st November 2018", Said M. Soleh.

Online booking is an online-based service provided by the clique 247 which is available on the website, where the customers can order t services both export and import anytime and anywhere without having to come to the TPS service office, so the process will be easier, faster and more accurate.

This is one of the innovation that has been done by TPS in improving the excellent service to the customer. TPS also provides some computers in the customer service counter to support the online booking trial, where all the customer service officer can give the tutorial directly to the customer about how to operate online booking.

Before, on Thursday (4/10), TPS has provided socialization and sharing session to the customer related to the implementation of this online booking. The event was held at Aria Hotel Surabaya and attended more or less 22 shipping companies. "Through this socialization, we want to reponse and answer all the questions and complaints from the customer during the trial and implementation of this online booking", Said Soleh.



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