President Director of TPS received K3 Award  



Jakarta - The Ministry of Manpower (KemEnaker) held the 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Award (K3) or K3 Award ceremony in Jakarta, Thursday (9/8). This award  was held as a form of appreciation to companies that have implemented OSH in the work environment well.

PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya  successfully won two awards at the same time in the event of the awarding of the K3, namely the zero accident award and the K3 Management system (SMK3) implementation system award with a satisfactory category.
President Director of PT TPS, Joko Noerhudha was present to receive the two awards. Joko said that this award was not simply obtained by TPS, but consistently TPS had to succeed in achieving zero accidents and applying SMK3 in the work environment, of course by increasing the awareness of workers to always work safely.
"The efforts of TPS in creating zero accidents are not only focused on safety attributes, but more on encouraging workers to be more aware in controlling risks to equipment, assets and other sources of production," said Joko.
The Minister of Manpower (Menaker) M Hanif Dhakiri, while giving a speech at the K3 Award ceremony that was read by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Manpower, Hery Sudarmanto said that the K3 award was given to companies that successfully implemented K3. "This award is expected to motivate workers, employers, companies, and various related parties to implement OSH, as well as the implementation of OSH can increase the productivity and welfare of workers," he said.
The awarding of the 2018 K3 Award includes five categories, namely zero accident award, K3 management system award (SMK3), award for HIV-AIDS prevention and prevention program in the workplace, K3 builder award, and HIV-AIDS care award in workplace.

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