Gotong Royong Team of Bridge Construction

TPS Care : “Gotong Royong” to Build a Bridge


Surabaya - After the beginning of 2018, PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) provides assistance in the form of bridge construction between Pordapor villages and Tambuko Sumenep in Madura village. Now TPS is present again in the middle of Pagersari Village in Ngantang District, Malang Regency.

Friday (27/7), the Directors of PT TPS include Joko Noerhudha (President Director), Kwok Leung Law (Vice President Director), Nur Syamsiah (Finance Director) and Kartiko Adi (Engineering Director) and 40 volunteers of TPS working together to build a bridge in the village of Pagersari.

President Director of PT TPS, Joko Noerhudha who participated in the event said that the purpose of the construction of this bridge is to help and facilitate the access road for two villages namely Pagersari village and Gombong village in Malang district inhabited by approximately 100 families.

The condition of the previous bridge is very apprehensive, the bridge is permanently damaged, so the  residents have to pass a small bridge made from bamboo only. "This bridge can not be functioned because it is damaged, so residents are forced to use a small bridge far from the word decent and safe," said Jamari who served as Pagersari Village Chief.

While the majority of people's livelihoods in both villages are as dairy farmers who produce an average milk of 1000 liters / day. The hope, with the construction of this bridge can accelerate the marketing distribution of dairy  milk products.

Not only that, children who leave and go home from school do not have to walk far or reckless to cross the emergency bridge used temporarily by the citizens.

The process of making this bridge takes approximately 90 days, with a distance of 24 meters from the road. Concrete bridge with a length of 12 meters and 2.5 meters wide is now passable vehicles such as motorcycles and cars with a capacity of no more than 2 tons.

Currently, the construction of  the bridge has been completed 70 percent, to accelerate the construction of the bridge residents and volunteers TPS employees working together to build it so that the bridge can be immediately used by residents.

This activity is one of the  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity TPS which aims to help the local residents. "In the future we plan to help build bridges in other villages," said Joko Noerhudha.

"Thanks TPS, with this bridge makes it easier for us to do activities, no longer fear the swift river when going to cross," said Harun, one of the Pagersari’s villagers.