Charity Touring with Pelindo III Group  

TPS Social Touring With Pelindo III


After a year ago PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) conducted a social service activity at SDN Jetak Probolinggo which is one of the TPS schools, yesterday (23/6), TPS came back to provide social assistance to SDN Jetak and Al Quran village which is located in Wonokerto Sukapura Probolinggo.

This time it is not alone, TPS comes with its parent company Pelindo III and other subsidiaries, so this social event was  concepted by  "Pelindo III Group Peduli". Beginning with motorbikes  touring from Surabaya to Probolinggo followed by approximately 100 employees of Pelindo III  led by the CEO of Pelindo III , Ari Askhara, the journey was approximately 4 hours.

Greeted With the traditional tengger dance performed by the students of SDN Jetak, the touring group of Pelindo III Group belonging to TPS Riders Community (TRC) and Port Riders Community (PRC) which is the Pelindo III motor community together with the Regional CEO of East Java, GM Gresik and its subsidiaries, PT Pelindo Daya Sejahtera (PDS) and PT Berlian Jasa Terminal Indonesia (BJTI), arrived at SDN Jetak at 12.30 PM.

The President Director of PT TPS, Joko Noerhudha on his speech said that this activity is a form of concern Pelindo III Group to the surrounding . "Hopefully next year we can come back here, to provide more assistance," said Joko.

The assistance was provided are outdoor sound system package, computers and printers, classroom speakers, SD reading books, 100 packages of basic foods, sleeping bags, painting and table / chair packages and stationery and notebooks for all students at SDN Jetak.

The children seemed enthusiastic about the arrival of PT. Pelindo III , especially when Joko Noerhudha gave a quiz with cash prizes to the students, questions about BUMN (State-Owned Enterprises) were given to the children, and even with the answers incorrect, they dare to raise their hands and move forward.

Like the question given by Hot Rudolf Marihot, President Director of PT BJTI, "who is our BUMN Minister?", With innocent one of the 2nd grade student answered "Rini Suparno", which instantly made the audience laugh at his funny behavior. But finally answered by Lita one of the 6th graders firmly answered "Mother Rini Soemarno"

The expression of gratitude is delivered directly by Nasution who is the Principal of SDN Jetak, to Pelindo III . Hopefully Pelindo III  will be more advanced, so that more schools will be assisted. "Hearing Pelindo III will come to our school, we are very proud, we can not give anything but local dance performances by the students that we dedicate in particular," said Nasution.