Takjil for Riders

Ramadhan Charity of TPS


"Ramadan is a month full of charity" through this moment of Ramadan various charity activities were held during  Ramadan by (TPS). Here  is a series of all the activities were organized by TPS during Ramadan:


Free Ta'jil

The free Ta'jil was distributed daily during Ramadan except holidays. Approximately 300 free ta'jil packages are distributed daily. The place of distribution also varied,  on Jl. Perak Timur, Taman Apsari, Jl. Indrapura, etc. The president of TPS, Joko Nerhudha, went down  in giving the free ta'jil to the riders and local residents.


Gives the fasting break and pre down meal for free

In addition to the free ta'jil, everyday except TPS holidays also distributed rice for fasting break and pre down meal for free. Fasting break  was given to  At Taubah mosque as much as 100 boxes per day, and distributed directly in the export gate and import of TPS as much as 300 boxes per day. In addition, TPS also distributed 50 boxes of rice each day for pre down meal through At Taubah Mosque.


Wednesday (30/5), located at Masjid At Taubah TPS, TPS held fasting break with 125 full-time TPS officers, 150 congregation of At Taubah mosque as well as service users doing transaction at TPS office at that time.

In addition TPS also filled a variety of religious events at the Mosque At Taubah, such as lectures and religious studies “khataman” Al Qur'an.


Distribution of Eid Lebaran

TPS also provided 720 packages of total Lebaran worth of 198 million to 400 workers of loading and unloading (TKBM), 100 Cleaning Service workers, 150 residents around TPS, 30 Ustadz Speakers at Masjid At Taubah TPS and 40 packages to power outsiders (KSO Kopelindo 3).

"The social activities we provide are as a manifestation of our concern for those around us who have provided support for TPS," said TPS President Director Joko Noerhudha.


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