Best CC Operators  

An Appreciation to Container Crane (CC) Operator


Wednesday (7/3), PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or commonly called PT TPS gives an appreciation to 4 (four) people Container Crane (CC) operator who managed to print his achievement in producing work productivity with Net Move Per Hour (NMPH) - above 32 box / hour.

The value of productivity is the movement (move) generated in effective working hours (movement per container), while the meaning of effective working hours is the total working hours (according to data from the system) minus deducting time (lag time delay due to work accidents during operation, boom up / down, bad weather, lashing-unlashing, etc.) and internal delay (waiting lag time of truck, RTG, yard clash, etc.).

Located at the 3rd floor of Bali meeting room  PT TPS, President Director of PT TPS, Joko Noerhudha and the Board of Directors of PT TPS give awards to the crane operator achievers. In the event that conceptualized lunch together, Joko said that Management is committed to give appreciation to the CC operators PT TPS who have contributed to the increase productivity PT TPS.

"I am very proud to your achievement, and every month we will choose the best CC operator, if next month and the next month  you are still selected, we will still rewarded," added Joko.

Not only that, PT TPS Operations Director Rodrigo Sanchez also said that this is not the first time PT TPS gives an appreciation to the CC Operator, but for this time is different because the assessment component does not see the productivity of the number of boxes, but in terms of effectiveness and speed movement per box displacement (NMPH), as well as assessment in terms of safety (safety) and discipline of attendance.

Safety where there are no records of occupational accidents during the course of his operation, the discipline of attendance where the attendance of their work is absent or late arrives or returns home without permission.

"I want you  here, selected as the best CC operator can pass your morale and achievements to other colleagues, compete healthily for the improvement of productivity in PT TPS," said Rodrigo.

The Best Operators are selected from the best 69 CC operators in PT TPS which are divided into 4 (four) groups namely Group A, B, C and D. In each group selected which best suits 3 components of the assessment ie productivity, safety and Presence. For the period of January 2018 selected as the best CC operators Anang Cahyono from group A, Zaifudin Zuhri from group B, Donny Artha Effendy from group C and Abdul Rozak from group D.

This appreciation is  the awareness of Management to the performance of its employees, hopes can be more motivating employees to be achievers and spirit in improving its performance.

As for import container container currents during 2017 through PT TPS recorded 1,306,876 increased 5.3% compared to the year 2016 in the same period of 1,241,225 TEUs. This increase is marked by the increase in international ship visits in PT TPS since October 2017 which recorded more than 90 ship calls.