the inauguration of the bridge construction



Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or TPS is here to help the local people. This time the Pordapor villagers of  Pordapor village and Tambuko village, Sermenep - Madura who received assistance in the form of  bridge construction  between Pordapo village and Tambuko Semenep village, Madura.

On Wednesday (21/2), the inauguration of the bridge construction, which was attended by The Finance Director of PT TPS, Pordapor village chief, Koramil, Kapolsek and the ulama of Darul Ulum pesantren. The inauguration was marked by cutting ribbon with The Finance Director of PT TPS and the village officials present, indicating that officially the bridge can already be used by local people.

Before  the construction of the bridges by TPS, this bridge is only a bamboo bridge whose the condition is far from the word worthy. "Formerly this bridge can only be passed by people, and even then they  must be careful because prone to collapse," said Hawasit, who is the Head of the Village Pordapor.

The  bridge making process takes approximately 90 days, with a distance of 220 meters from the road. Concrete bridge with a length of 18 meters and 2.5 meters wide is now passable vehicles such as motorcycles and cars with a capacity of no more than 2 tons.

The Finance Director of PT TPS, Nur Syamsiah said that the bridge building activity for this citizen is the first kind of social activity conducted by TPS after other social activities which have been done by TPS such as the habitable housing development activities was held in Wringinanom Gresik in 2017.

After the construction of the bridge in Sumenep, TPS will also plan to build bridge connections for residents of other cities, especially in East Java. "Every year we always budget funds for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to help local people," said Nur Syamsiah.

It is expected that CSR  activities in the form of bridge construction can help the activities of citizens, and the residents are expected to keep this bridge as possible. "Thanks TPS, with this bridge makes it easier for us to do activities, no longer fear the swift river when going to cross," said  Nahlan, one of the  Pordapor villagers.