TPS Care : Smile For Anak Kanker Indonesia


Tuesday (27/2), was an unforgettable moment for  PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or TPS employees, due to the opportunity to become a voulenteer in TPS Peduli Kanker Anak Indonesia activity initiated by TPS Comunity Development in commemoration of  World Cancer Day which is commemorated every February 15th.

On that occasion TPS in cooperation with Yayasan Peduli Kanker Anak Indonesia (YPKAI) which is located on Jl. Dharmahusada Surabaya,  present in the middle of the kids who is the cancer survivor and who also accompanied by their  parents to entertain and share the joy in the event, the theme was TPS Care for Children Cancer Indonesia.

Community Development Assistant Manager of PT TPS, Soedjiono, who is also the head of the delegation from TPS representatives stated that the Target of TPS social event is present and sharing, this time is in accordance with the theme of the World Children Cancer Day, and this is the first activity we do by inviting the kids who are the cancer survivor.

"We want to give support and encouragement to the cancer survivor , so they are more fight and survive to face the disease," said Soedjiono.

In the visit TPS provides assistance in the form of materials for the needs of children with cancer  which is special milk for the cancer patients, diapers, sleeping quilts and learning equipment. The donation was handed over directly to YPKAI's representative, Iis. Iis expressed his gratitude to TPS who has cared for children with cancer and also introduced the present the kids  who most of them suffer from leukemia (blood cancer) and on average still 4 to 7 years old.

"Concern and prayers from TPS officials provide a hope and joy for the brothers and sisters of cancer and their parents, hopefully TPS is always victorious," said Iis.

On that occasion, TPS also presented children storyteller, Kak Hadian Pengkisah, who raised the fairy tale about "Maintain Cleanliness". The younger siblings looked very enthusiastic and entertained with the story of Kak Hadian's fairy tale which was then carrying the Moli (monkey puppets).

"I want to sleep with Moli," said Raisya, one of the children with eyeball cancer from Sampit.

A happy smile was appeared  from the innocent insanity of the children, they seemed pleased to have a visit from the TPS employees, and their gratitude conveyed simultaneously, as well as the handshakes and intimate hugs they gave as a token of gratitude. Not a few officers of TPS who attended the event shed tears because they feel moved and salute to see their struggle to survive in the face of chronic illness that suffered.

"Keep the spirit ," said Retno Utami, HR Development & Management Assistant Manager PT TPS who also attended the event