Surabaya (5/10) - PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) distributed 200 food packages for the container truck driver who operates in TPS. The distribution in order to celebrate the national transportation day in 2017.

"It has become an annual event we distribute food assistance to our partners, especially the container truck driver," said M. Solech, Public Relations TPS in the Meeting Room Java, PT TPS. 

Package containing cooking oil, ketchup, fruit juice, milk, sugar, coffee, and toiletries such as towels and toothpaste symbolically handed over by the Head of Department of Transportation (Kadishub) East Java, Wahid Wahyudi, the head of the authority of the Port of Tanjung Perak, Mauritz and Director of TPS Yon Irawan to 10 representatives of the driver.

"Transportation is the important thing of the economy. The driver was very meritorious because it helped revive the economy in East Java," Wahid said in his speech. "Never underestimate the truck driver, they have very meritorious and has a very important role in the economy because it is one part of the logistics chain," Wahid added.

Endlessly and do not get bored, Wahid advised the truck driver who was present at that time to put safety above anything else. "If agencies do not impose themselves unfit to drive a truck, if you are tired of that journey it is better to find a safe place to pull over, stop and rest immediately," added Wahid in his speech.

Meanwhile encountered the same place, Yon Irawan said that the TPS is committed to preserving the environment predicate SMK3 gold flag Container Terminal. With good cooperation with partners Truckers especially when working in the territory of the polling stations and realize the importance of working with safety, we are confident our productivity will increase and eventually will achieve excellent service to our customers.

"Hopefully the food assistance we provide can be beneficial, it could be useful for family and togetherness in work remain intertwined harmoniously," said Yon

Container Througput

According to M. Solech, Public Relations of PT TPS, export-import container througput until the month of September 2017, there were 957.975 TEUs was up 3% compared to last year in the same period as many as 926.579 TEUs. And international ship visits at polling stations also rise 9.5%, which totaled 748 units compared to ship as many as 683 units in 2016.

"We are optimistic and confident PT TPS able to achieve the targets set in 2017 for operating three units Container Crane (CC) in the new international port has been operating optimally and electrification CC in this year's international pier is finished," he concluded.