Container Loading Service

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Procedure of container loading service :

  1. Planning ; customers should prepare the following documents :
    1. Master Cable
    2. CVIA (Container Vessel Identification Advice)
    3. Statement of Fact
    4. Export Summary List (ESL)
    5. Dangerous Cargo List
    6. Crane Sequence List
    7. General Loading Plan
    8. Loading Bay Plan
    9. Manifest
  2. Yard and Berth Planning Sub-department checks the vessel berth document. After checking, they conduct a daily meeting, together with Engineering Department, with Shipping Lines to draw/plan the container handling service schedule
  3. Berth Planning Sub-department enters into the computer system, the container data (baplie file) which has been customs cleared and based on the pre-stowage plan received from the Shipping Lines, and prints out the Loading Work Quay (LWQ) based on the container data in the computer system, and then forwards to Yard Supervisor and Wharf Supervisor.
  4. Based on the LWQ, Yard Operations Superintendent orders RTG Operator, via Yard Tally Clerk, to unstack the container from the Container Yard, load onto the chassis of Head Truck, and transport to the Wharf. Yard Tally Clerk confirms the position of the container on the chassis into the computer system (HHT/Teklogix). Head Truck moves to the Wharf, and container would be loaded onto the vessel based on the display of TMV (Terminal Mounted Vehicle).
  5. Wharf Supervisor, orders CC Operator, via Wharf Tally Clerk, to load the container from the chassis of Head Truck onto the vessel at the position which has been planned in the Loading List. Wharf Tally Clerk confirms the position of container into the computer system (HHT/Teklogix). Wharf Tally Clerk orders the Head Truck driver to return to the Container Yard to take the following container to be loaded.
  6. By the end of the shift, Wharf Tally Clerk reports to Berth Operations Superintendent, and Yard Tally Clerk reports to Yard Operations Superintendent

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