sosialisasi fastpay TPS

SURABAYA (11/01). In order to provide convenience for users of port services in making payments, PT Terminal Container Surabaya (TPS) with banks that have partnered such as Bank BNI, Mandiri, BRI, Bank Jatim and CIMB Niaga in cooperation launched e-payment system called Fastpay (Fast, Accurate, Secure and traceable Payment System).

E-payment system in real time and its host-to-host. FASTPAY is the product with TPS and Partners Banks which is a new payment system at TPS as a substitute Scripless Fund (WD), Running Deposit (RD) and Estimated Cost Calculation (EPB), which previously had to take care directly in the office of PT TPS to fill a wide range of documents physical.

"Today, we present you with paperless, 24/7 services, and services more quickly and precisely to you," said Nur Syamsiah Finance Director of PT TPS in his speech when opening the socialization of e-payment. "Socialization umpteenth time this is a good opportunity as a means of communication with service users about the services to be provided and hopefully by the time a payment system that is already online later, it can run smoothly." He adds.


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